Guyana Stadium - Bermuda Grass


"It is expected that cricket will be played at Providence Stadium by March 2006. This is the assurance given by Managing Director of Terra Forma construction."

Unfortunately assurances such as this does not carry much weight since Terra Forma is just a Sub Contractor hired to construct the playing area (pitch & grass). Planting grass and constructing the pitch are not critical activities at this time, building the stadium is. Terra Forma from Trinidad will use Bermuda grass for the outfield imported from Trinidad. The playing filed will consist of a layer of clay, a layer of gravel, a layer of sand and grass planted on the sand. Drainage pipes will be laid in the layer of sand.

Above is the snapshot from Stabroek News and my comments back in May 2005. As you can see my comments were spot on regarding activities.

Bermuda Grass

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